Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Food Helps To Get Rid of Cellulite by Joey Atlas Review

Despite the rainy weather outside, spring officially comes and the season of short skirts and trousers found. You have one last chance to get in shape and to remove annoying orange peel. Besides training hard for smooth hips need to follow a diet. Here, which foods should emphasize and what rules you must follow diet to fight cellulite??

Important in anti-cellulite diets diet is mainly from the group of cereals, fruit and soy proved that you do not have cellulite; you should drink as many fluids. Every day you should drink at least 2 liters of water to drink all day, as soon as you wake up to drink at least one cup. If you like mineral water, drink her but remember every 2 weeks to change the type of her most important and useful drink in the fight against cellulite is freshly squeezed juice.

Citrus juices are enemy number one "orange peel". Juices are so useful that they are not scary calories contained in them. Drink at least one cup before breakfast. Avoid consuming tea and coffee too often because it can lead to washout of the necessary minerals from the body.

It is important to remember that tea or coffee drink without sugar. Moreover, it must cancel or reduce alcohol use to one glass of wine a day. Separately meal, correctly selected food is better absorbed by the body and help evacuation of toxins and slogs, which are the direct perpetrators of the development of cellulite.

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