Friday, 3 January 2014

What types of cellulite has? Review by Joey Atlas Program

There are five types of cellulite describes by Joey Atlas, the author of Truth about Cellulite Program.
Watery cellulite:  called porous cellulite contains more fluid than fat and is often defined as hereditary. Women who have markedly low body can develop watery cellulite in the thighs 
Natural cellulite: most commonly in the thighs and buttocks of naturally thin women. This type of cellulite contains more fat than liquids.

Local cellulite: Accumulation side as swelling and there is only observed - only one projecting area and this is a second type of fatty tissue that occurs most often from foods of animal origin. When the animals were fed with stimulants for weight gain and a part of stimulants have accumulated in the meat and eat it when we appear in the role of the pig or there, what we ate. 

Sports cellulite:  These are called Pants - they are actually modified tissues and muscles, and almost no chance to remove. Only surgery remains a tragic event, but I have serious advice. 

Compact cellulite: Such Cellulites occurs primarily in older; cellulite is probably the most difficult to remove, as it accumulates deep in the tissues over a long period of time. The touching part of the body in which the compact cellulite can be sensitive even painful.

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