Friday, 3 January 2014

Cellulite - Joey Atlas Program

Why occurs? What causes it?
The most frequently cited reasons for its occurrence are: stress, harmful environmental influences, inadequate food, poor diet, impaired hormonal balance, insufficient physical activity, dysfunction of organs and systems, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, tea , uncomfortable clothes and much more. Obviously, cellulite is just one of the side "gifts" of modern life.

Where occurs? What actually is?
The thin layer of subcutaneous fat that thanks to the female body looks more attractive. In fact, it susceptible and react in their own way the above factors. As soon as the body is unable to deal with them is where they show the ramifications. Pressed between the fingers, the skin is no longer smooth but rough. If the impact of these factors continue, and there is no appropriate countermeasures such rough start to become permanently visible. Over time, the odds are becoming more and more and more until eventually form the typical "orange peel". What happened? In subcutaneous adipose tissue is impaired blood circulation and lymph flow, resulting in fat cells begin to retain water, waste products and toxins. Intercellular space is occupied by abnormal dense and thick fibers, which further impede the vital activity of the cells. When a need for energy cells can’t "burn" stored fat Even prolonged starvation diets or almost no impact - on the thighs, buttocks, hips and other places orange skin stays intact. In this way it is explained by the fact that even thin women can have cellulite.

Is there salvation? How to counter?
Fortunately, there are proven ways that can successfully combat the appearance of cellulite or to remove existing ones. One such way is (only) Massage - since cellulite is affordable places massaging can be done at home, at a convenient time and be part of health care and beauty that every woman should manifest to it. Massage restores normal circulation of blood and lymph, which facilitates the release of excess water and waste products Stimulates intracellular degradation of unnatural fibers. Furthermore, the energy field acting on the fingers of the cells of the fine power level.

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