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Diet of Rice, Chicken and Apples with Joey Atlas Program

This diet recommended by Cellulite Removal Review is suitable for both men women.
Magical qualities
• 100 g raw rice - 349 kcal
• 100 g apples - 63 kcal
• 100g chicken - 110 kcal
• Predominant percentage of the energy of rice and apples are proteins and carbohydrates, and only 1% fat
Diet of rice, chicken and apples

Diet lasts nine days. Eat only rice, chicken and apples without consuming other products. The result - weight loss with no more than one pound per day and clear the body of toxins. You can eat a certain product as many times a day you feel hunger, in whatever amount you want without having to wait until the time comes for lunch or dinner. During the nine days you should not drink alcohol. Drinks-can consume only water, tea and coffee, without sugar and milk. It is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Duration: 9 days
Efficiency: 7-9 k
Daily menu:
First, Second and Third day  eat only rice without other products
Fourth, fifth and sixth day
Eat only chicken - roasted or boiled, but must skinless
Seventh, eighth and ninth days
Eating only apples

Quick Diets with Rice by Cellulite Removal Review

Rice Diet against Cellulite
Fluorine, boron, iodine and selenium does help metabolism and for complete digestion of fats. Rice is especially suitable for diets because they provide products complement each other and eventually get almost all the sub-va essential.
In the fight against cellulite takes place mainly rice, if you want to get rid of unwanted orange peel is good to start eating rice in large quantities.

 It must be steamed or boiled, never fried. Hollywood stars use this diet cellulite removal. An example cellulite menu includes rice prepared in this manner without salt and spices combined with fresh vegetables and fruits.

While anti-cellulite diet of rice should take about 2L of water a day, never cold and have sports. This applies notably when filming her "Striptease" proves that she has the beginnings of cellulite. It applies diet combined with some slimming pills and anti-cellulite massages.

 If you change your diet to cooked rice after a meal during the day e aces at the same time as the dinner should be more - later than 18.30. After this time the adoption is permitted only fruit (mainly apples, strawberries, cherries, oranges and plums).

Diet with Apples and Rice Best Cellulite Removal Review

With this diet of Cellulite Removal Review, every day fusion pound weight. The combination of apples and rice is especially suitable for diets because they provide products complement each other and eventually get almost all the sub-va essential, without which your body can not. B - vitamins contained in rice is a valuable ally in the fight against stress. Fluorine, boron, iodine and selenium does help metabolism and for complete digestion of fats. In 100 g of raw rice contained 349 and 100 g of apples - 63 kcal. The predominant proportion of their energy is protein, carbohydrates and us, and only 1% fat. All days
Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 tablespoon pectin (sold in pharmacies), dissolved in a glass of mineral water. Or 1 slice of full-grain bread thinly spread with margarine and half apple
Sizzle lunch: Along with the main course and prepare your portion raft's (carrots, cucumbers, lettuce or tomatoes), sub-made with 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon oil. 16 hours: eat 180 g yoghurt (1.5% fats) and half an apple.

Fluids: Drink half a liter of mineral water per day and was IAB-tea. Restrict black tea and coffee.
Lunch: Stew in 1 tablespoon Oil '30 minced veal. To slower 1 red pepper, cut into julienne and '40 CBA-Ran rice.
For dessert: 1 apple. Dinner: Cut into slices 1 apple. Add '40 grated cheese and Gann '50 cooked rice. Season the salad with 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon soy sauce.
Lunch: Stew '60 peas 1 apple, chopped. On shorter inside 30 g boiled chicken and add 40 g of boiled rice. Supper: Make your salad 1 apple, 30 g ham, tomato and 1 50 g of boiled rice. Season it with 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar.

Lunch: grilled 150g fish fillets. Garnish with 1 apple (boiled, blend and seasoned) and 40 g boiled rice.
Dinner: Boil '50 rice and mix it with 1/2 cup milk and 2 tablespoons cottage cheese. Add 1 apple, chopped and season with 1 tablespoon soy sauce.=
Lunch: In 1 tablespoon oil saute '50 veal, cut into small pieces. Add 1 tablespoon cream and garnish with boiled rice in '40. For dessert: 1 apple.
Supper: 50 g boiled rice, add 1 apple, diced 35 g cheese and season with 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tsp basil.
Lunch: Stew pork '80 file. 150g mushrooms and garnish with boiled rice in '40. For dessert: 1 apple.
Dinner: Cut small pieces 1 sour apple and half avocado. With the juice of half a lemon and 1 tablespoon oil Add 50 g boiled rice and mix.

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What types of cellulite has? Review by Joey Atlas Program

There are five types of cellulite describes by Joey Atlas, the author of Truth about Cellulite Program.
Watery cellulite:  called porous cellulite contains more fluid than fat and is often defined as hereditary. Women who have markedly low body can develop watery cellulite in the thighs 
Natural cellulite: most commonly in the thighs and buttocks of naturally thin women. This type of cellulite contains more fat than liquids.

Local cellulite: Accumulation side as swelling and there is only observed - only one projecting area and this is a second type of fatty tissue that occurs most often from foods of animal origin. When the animals were fed with stimulants for weight gain and a part of stimulants have accumulated in the meat and eat it when we appear in the role of the pig or there, what we ate. 

Sports cellulite:  These are called Pants - they are actually modified tissues and muscles, and almost no chance to remove. Only surgery remains a tragic event, but I have serious advice. 

Compact cellulite: Such Cellulites occurs primarily in older; cellulite is probably the most difficult to remove, as it accumulates deep in the tissues over a long period of time. The touching part of the body in which the compact cellulite can be sensitive even painful.

Description of cellulite from Joey Atlas Review

Most women have cellulite. These are fat deposits in the thighs and buttocks and other parts of the body.
Although not a serious medical condition, According to Joey Atlas Program, Cellulite is defined as creates unpleasant cosmetic and aesthetic appearance of the skin and the whole body. This is the reason a lot of women in the summer to show in a swimsuit on the beach.
Cellulite can be treated with massages and other cellulite creams. Regardless of the massive advertising of some rarely leads to the desired result and noticeable, Therefore, often gates, how to deal with cellulite permanently?
Symptoms of cellulite
Cellulite often looks like orange peel, so it is also known as orange peel. There are various types of cellulite. Mild forms are not so visible. Severe cases are expressed pleating - projections and recesses. In massage the skin feel different strongholds, they are on the thighs, buttocks, but can be found in the abdomen and upper arms.
Seek for medical attention?
Cellulite is not a serious illness can refer to a dermatologist if you are concerned about the appearance of the skin.
Risk factors for the formation of cellulite
Cellulite occurs more often than men. At least eight out of ten women will have different degrees of cellulite. The reason for this is that fat is generally spread thighs, hips and thighs places where women gain fat. In addition, it can be said that with the aging of the skin loses its elasticity, a fact that contributes to the appearance of cellulite.
Weight gain can also make a more pronounced cellulite. Researchers indicate the genetic basis for cellulite.
Other factors for increasing cellulite include:
Sedentary lifestyle
Use of hormonal contraceptives
Treatment and medication for cellulite
Weight loss
Losing weight – a healthy diet is perhaps the most favorable treatment of cellulite. Losing weight and strengthening the muscle tissue of the legs, thighs and buttocks can improve the appearance of skin. Although cellulite can be less inconspicuous after weight loss, cellulite will not disappear completely.

Massage Techniques for Cellulite By Joey Atlas Program

Apply the massage is just an example by Truth about Cellulite Program. It is designed for people who do not have much experience, so alone or with friends to take the first steps. It is important in general to know that massaging is performed in the following sequence: feet - lower limbs back, then the front - lower back - top - hips and abdomen - chest - upper limbs - shoulders and neck.
Thighs and seat Massage
Squeeze the thigh by driving consistently with his hands up from the knee to the groin area. In pushing fingers describe a semicircle from the midline of the thigh outward.
Grasp deep with arms and push thigh muscles in a rhythmic alternating movements.
Stroke diagonally from the inner side of the knee and up through the thigh. Repeat several times.
Lie on one side with legs bent at the knees. Rub the base of the palms seat gently but powerfully by sliding his hands up and down in a circle.

Move your hands down towards half of the seat, as I deep kneading muscles by engaging with a handful, squeeze and release. This improves circulation and muscle tone
Pinch gripper seat muscles between the thumb and fingers. Maintain a fast but steady pace with relaxed wrists and hands without straining.
Finish with a caress of the whole area.
Stomach and lumbar
Place your hands behind one another solar plexus and navel down to Stroke
Place both hands on the solar plexus. Go through the whole length of each intercostal space down to the waist line
From the middle of the abdomen arms are separated, each discloses broad, overlapping circles
Massage the lower abdomen with movements up and down.
Download muscles sides back to the cross.
Massage in a circle sacrum and lumbar region by stroking flatter.

Start with the caress of the midline in the upper part of the chest outside the shoulder joint.
Stroke gently with your fingers collarbone.
Slide your hands down between her breasts and out, following the ribs.
Shoulders and neck
Place your hands on top of the chest just below the collarbone with directed against each other fingers. Slowly separate your arms, sliding the base of the palm to the shoulders.
Turn your head to one side and massage the neck with his hand in the shape of a cup. Repeat several times on each side.
Place your hands on the back between the shoulder blades and massage up to the base of the head. Repeat several times.

Massage to Prevent Cellulite - Joey Atlas Reviews

To lighten the massage, the people of ancient times have used fat.
Current vegetable oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids additionally have a favorable influence on the skin, subcutaneous tissue, the peripheral walls of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

On the other hand, modern Aromatherapy has established that certain essential oils have very good activity against cellulite. Dissolved at a concentration in vegetable oils, they rapidly penetrate the skin and enter the subcutaneous tissue. Going through the lymphatic and circulatory system, essential oils help the cells and encourage them to return to their normal life cycle. Few hours they persist in tissues, exerting an overall beneficial effect.

 As a pure ethereal broom, essential oils drove excess water and collected slag. Pleasant fragrance of essential oils creates a mood and brings an aromatic short nature in everyday life.

The more time start fighting cellulite more successful and faster results. Factors that cause cellulite lead and other unpleasant consequences for the organism, most are completely "human hands". When you realize just what he ate, but also how and when to eat, what they're angry, what habits have and what external influences are subjected will understand that cellulite is just one of the bad things you are doing. Care to improve overall health, physical and spiritual, can make good figure and smooth skin something real and achievable!
Cellulite Removal Review Company offers two massage oils against cellulite. 

When used at home, it is good to do this after bath. Give yourself a little time in which to feel the needs of the body and skin, and they will thank you! Time in which to take care of yourself and prepare for the challenges of a new day!

Cellulite - Joey Atlas Program

Why occurs? What causes it?
The most frequently cited reasons for its occurrence are: stress, harmful environmental influences, inadequate food, poor diet, impaired hormonal balance, insufficient physical activity, dysfunction of organs and systems, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, tea , uncomfortable clothes and much more. Obviously, cellulite is just one of the side "gifts" of modern life.

Where occurs? What actually is?
The thin layer of subcutaneous fat that thanks to the female body looks more attractive. In fact, it susceptible and react in their own way the above factors. As soon as the body is unable to deal with them is where they show the ramifications. Pressed between the fingers, the skin is no longer smooth but rough. If the impact of these factors continue, and there is no appropriate countermeasures such rough start to become permanently visible. Over time, the odds are becoming more and more and more until eventually form the typical "orange peel". What happened? In subcutaneous adipose tissue is impaired blood circulation and lymph flow, resulting in fat cells begin to retain water, waste products and toxins. Intercellular space is occupied by abnormal dense and thick fibers, which further impede the vital activity of the cells. When a need for energy cells can’t "burn" stored fat Even prolonged starvation diets or almost no impact - on the thighs, buttocks, hips and other places orange skin stays intact. In this way it is explained by the fact that even thin women can have cellulite.

Is there salvation? How to counter?
Fortunately, there are proven ways that can successfully combat the appearance of cellulite or to remove existing ones. One such way is (only) Massage - since cellulite is affordable places massaging can be done at home, at a convenient time and be part of health care and beauty that every woman should manifest to it. Massage restores normal circulation of blood and lymph, which facilitates the release of excess water and waste products Stimulates intracellular degradation of unnatural fibers. Furthermore, the energy field acting on the fingers of the cells of the fine power level.

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Joey Atlas Review about Cellulite and Nutrition

Topic cellulite is inexhaustible and is updated every year with the onset of the first warm days. The opinions and why what appears are not one or two. So, what are the most common: Cellulite is a disease of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, Due to the female sex hormones estrogen and the characteristics of our structure, in other word each a lady is afflicted by cellulite in one degree or another?

 This is damaging the fat cells caused by siltation of toxins in the body. In all these theories is true, but the first two I think are too extreme - how possible roughness of the skin to hem disease, yet the norm. So the third seems reasonable –

Cellulite is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, as well as yellowing of teeth in all smokers. Toxins enter our body’s poor quality food, contaminated water, the air filled with car exhaust. our liver has the task neutralize them, but over the years began to be difficult and they are deposited in fat cells in our warp them beyond recognition

. The most vulnerable areas are those in which muscle mass is small - buttocks, upper thighs, abdomen. How to fight this scourge? If you live in a big city, it is virtually impossible to isolate from all harmful substances. But at least you have the power to change our way of eating.

Cellulite what feeds?
All canned and cooked sausages, chips and fast food because they contain too many preservatives other chemical additives. Smoked heavily toasted grilled meats (including chicken), strong carcinogen.
Fatty meat because of a side contains a lot of saturated fat, and other such things accumulate harmful substances from industrial farming of animals - pesticides, hormones, etc... White flour, refined sugar, margarine and all products made from them - cakes, breads and snacks. Sodas: which consist of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners (usually aspartame).

Truth about Cellulite Program proves Some Clothes help Cellulite

To look spectacular, many women are willing to blindly follow fashion without realizing that some "essential” clothing can cause serious harm to health and beauty. The Program by Joey Atlas “Truth about Cellulite” proves that some of the latest fashionable clothes helps to appear cellulite,

Wearing short skirts in cold weather combined with thin pantyhose contribute to the onset of inflammation and can cause infertility. Recently found that the mini skirt in cold weather can trigger the appearance of cellulite. It usually occurs after 2-3 years, particularly after 2-3 winters. Trying to get warm, the body fat accumulates on these portions of the body which are most exposed. A cold exacerbates the situation: the minus zero temperature and prevent the normal circulation.

American doctors who have made this discovery, advise supporter short skirts should not rely on the magic effect of funds against cellulite and winter wear woolen tights, wedges and long coats, and in strong frosts prefer warm pants.

Sling, consisting of a small triangle and a narrow band very difficult to be defined as pants, but it does for some time they are indispensable fashion item of lingerie. Experts assert that they are not suitable for everyday use, especially if they are made of synthetic material. Plastic retain moisture, which contributes to the growth of bacteria. Thin strips traumatize the skin and contribute to the successful resettlement of bacteria from the rectum to the genitals. Panties are suitable for a romantic dinner, but not to stay cold. Underwear that we use every day should be comfortable and made of a nice cotton fabric.

It is worth saying a few words about bras. Accordingly; mismatch of bra can irritate the skin and may disrupt posture. So make sure you choose exactly this size and this form that are appropriate for you.

No less ridiculous look and girls with short jackets...

Food Helps To Get Rid of Cellulite by Joey Atlas Review

Despite the rainy weather outside, spring officially comes and the season of short skirts and trousers found. You have one last chance to get in shape and to remove annoying orange peel. Besides training hard for smooth hips need to follow a diet. Here, which foods should emphasize and what rules you must follow diet to fight cellulite??

Important in anti-cellulite diets diet is mainly from the group of cereals, fruit and soy proved that you do not have cellulite; you should drink as many fluids. Every day you should drink at least 2 liters of water to drink all day, as soon as you wake up to drink at least one cup. If you like mineral water, drink her but remember every 2 weeks to change the type of her most important and useful drink in the fight against cellulite is freshly squeezed juice.

Citrus juices are enemy number one "orange peel". Juices are so useful that they are not scary calories contained in them. Drink at least one cup before breakfast. Avoid consuming tea and coffee too often because it can lead to washout of the necessary minerals from the body.

It is important to remember that tea or coffee drink without sugar. Moreover, it must cancel or reduce alcohol use to one glass of wine a day. Separately meal, correctly selected food is better absorbed by the body and help evacuation of toxins and slogs, which are the direct perpetrators of the development of cellulite.