Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Joey Atlas Review about Cellulite and Nutrition

Topic cellulite is inexhaustible and is updated every year with the onset of the first warm days. The opinions and why what appears are not one or two. So, what are the most common: Cellulite is a disease of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, Due to the female sex hormones estrogen and the characteristics of our structure, in other word each a lady is afflicted by cellulite in one degree or another?

 This is damaging the fat cells caused by siltation of toxins in the body. In all these theories is true, but the first two I think are too extreme - how possible roughness of the skin to hem disease, yet the norm. So the third seems reasonable –

Cellulite is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, as well as yellowing of teeth in all smokers. Toxins enter our body’s poor quality food, contaminated water, the air filled with car exhaust. our liver has the task neutralize them, but over the years began to be difficult and they are deposited in fat cells in our warp them beyond recognition

. The most vulnerable areas are those in which muscle mass is small - buttocks, upper thighs, abdomen. How to fight this scourge? If you live in a big city, it is virtually impossible to isolate from all harmful substances. But at least you have the power to change our way of eating.

Cellulite what feeds?
All canned and cooked sausages, chips and fast food because they contain too many preservatives other chemical additives. Smoked heavily toasted grilled meats (including chicken), strong carcinogen.
Fatty meat because of a side contains a lot of saturated fat, and other such things accumulate harmful substances from industrial farming of animals - pesticides, hormones, etc... White flour, refined sugar, margarine and all products made from them - cakes, breads and snacks. Sodas: which consist of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners (usually aspartame).

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