Friday, 3 January 2014

Massage Techniques for Cellulite By Joey Atlas Program

Apply the massage is just an example by Truth about Cellulite Program. It is designed for people who do not have much experience, so alone or with friends to take the first steps. It is important in general to know that massaging is performed in the following sequence: feet - lower limbs back, then the front - lower back - top - hips and abdomen - chest - upper limbs - shoulders and neck.
Thighs and seat Massage
Squeeze the thigh by driving consistently with his hands up from the knee to the groin area. In pushing fingers describe a semicircle from the midline of the thigh outward.
Grasp deep with arms and push thigh muscles in a rhythmic alternating movements.
Stroke diagonally from the inner side of the knee and up through the thigh. Repeat several times.
Lie on one side with legs bent at the knees. Rub the base of the palms seat gently but powerfully by sliding his hands up and down in a circle.

Move your hands down towards half of the seat, as I deep kneading muscles by engaging with a handful, squeeze and release. This improves circulation and muscle tone
Pinch gripper seat muscles between the thumb and fingers. Maintain a fast but steady pace with relaxed wrists and hands without straining.
Finish with a caress of the whole area.
Stomach and lumbar
Place your hands behind one another solar plexus and navel down to Stroke
Place both hands on the solar plexus. Go through the whole length of each intercostal space down to the waist line
From the middle of the abdomen arms are separated, each discloses broad, overlapping circles
Massage the lower abdomen with movements up and down.
Download muscles sides back to the cross.
Massage in a circle sacrum and lumbar region by stroking flatter.

Start with the caress of the midline in the upper part of the chest outside the shoulder joint.
Stroke gently with your fingers collarbone.
Slide your hands down between her breasts and out, following the ribs.
Shoulders and neck
Place your hands on top of the chest just below the collarbone with directed against each other fingers. Slowly separate your arms, sliding the base of the palm to the shoulders.
Turn your head to one side and massage the neck with his hand in the shape of a cup. Repeat several times on each side.
Place your hands on the back between the shoulder blades and massage up to the base of the head. Repeat several times.

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