Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Truth about Cellulite Program proves Some Clothes help Cellulite

To look spectacular, many women are willing to blindly follow fashion without realizing that some "essential” clothing can cause serious harm to health and beauty. The Program by Joey Atlas “Truth about Cellulite” proves that some of the latest fashionable clothes helps to appear cellulite,

Wearing short skirts in cold weather combined with thin pantyhose contribute to the onset of inflammation and can cause infertility. Recently found that the mini skirt in cold weather can trigger the appearance of cellulite. It usually occurs after 2-3 years, particularly after 2-3 winters. Trying to get warm, the body fat accumulates on these portions of the body which are most exposed. A cold exacerbates the situation: the minus zero temperature and prevent the normal circulation.

American doctors who have made this discovery, advise supporter short skirts should not rely on the magic effect of funds against cellulite and winter wear woolen tights, wedges and long coats, and in strong frosts prefer warm pants.

Sling, consisting of a small triangle and a narrow band very difficult to be defined as pants, but it does for some time they are indispensable fashion item of lingerie. Experts assert that they are not suitable for everyday use, especially if they are made of synthetic material. Plastic retain moisture, which contributes to the growth of bacteria. Thin strips traumatize the skin and contribute to the successful resettlement of bacteria from the rectum to the genitals. Panties are suitable for a romantic dinner, but not to stay cold. Underwear that we use every day should be comfortable and made of a nice cotton fabric.

It is worth saying a few words about bras. Accordingly; mismatch of bra can irritate the skin and may disrupt posture. So make sure you choose exactly this size and this form that are appropriate for you.

No less ridiculous look and girls with short jackets...

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