Tuesday, 31 December 2013

In the fight against the hated orange peel

A recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that people who ate meat daily were 27 percent of overweight and had 33 percent more likely to be fat to accumulate around your waist (the most dangerous fat because fat accumulates around the organs and increases the risk of heart disease) than those who ate meat only occasionally. for more details visit here

People, who ate meat occasionally, on average, ate 700 calories less per day. Strengthen your willpower is said "practice makes perfect", and that goes for a healthy diet. Try this exercise to strengthen willpower: every time you refuse to eat something that you do not plan,
you strengthen its "muscle" to resist, and that means it will be easier the next time when you get to resist the temptation. And every next time will be easier. more reviews about what is cellulite 

Eat appetizer Studies have shown if something nibbled before lunch or dinner - you'll eat less of the main meal. Choose a light appetizer: a cup of soup, a little cottage cheese,

10 almonds or walnuts, two whole-grain crackers, yogurt with a tablespoon of seeds, 20 pistachio, 8 mini-carrots soaked in hummus (two tablespoons)...

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