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Joey Atlas Review About Amputation and Cellulite Cellulite:

Which of us does not dream of long and shapely legs, tight ass and flat stomach - one of the main symbols of feminine beauty embodied in the ideal of beauty of men? Well, one thing is certain - cellulite does not fit in them, but Joey Atlas Review about Cellulite shows how to win the battle with cellulite? Is it Impossible or is it simply a matter of good will...?
Say goodbye to cellulite. Although universal claim is that cellulite is just a cosmetic defect, in fact the truth turns out quite different. According to medics orange skin is a serious disease of the connective tissue which affects both the lymphatic and circulatory system of the surface. Ganoids called lipodystrophy (Ganoids lipodystrophy) and translated from Latin means dystrophy adipose tissue in women.visit here
What is Amputation?
Amputation is the process in removing (or cutting) a part of the human body (foot, hand, nose or ear) due to injury or disease.

It is important to clarify that we are talking about amputation when a cross in the removal of the bone. Then set up a new body called stump (the rest of the limb after amputation).

In the case where this happens in the joint spaces, called disarticulation. For medical amputation most often accompanied by gangrene or other malignancy.
Isolated case is called. Congenital amputation (when fetal limbs are cut off due to compression of the belt).
In the past, amputation was used in some countries as a punishment for people who committed a crime. It has been implemented as a tactic in war or terrorist attacks. In some cultures and traditional religions amputation was considered a kind of ritual.
Reasons for amputation of the lower limb and some possible causes of lower limb amputation can be the following:
diabetic foot infection or gangrene;
malignant neoplasm of bone or soft tissue (e.g., synovial sarcoma);
severe trauma to the feet, after which limbs can not This uses or attempts to spare has not been successful;
problems with movement;
deformities of the toes and / or feet themselves;
in each type of cancer at an advanced stage;
bone infection;
Traumatic amputation (amputation in cases where an accident when the leg could be partially or completely rescued).review resource by cellulite removal 

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