Monday, 30 December 2013

Free Radicals and Aging is another Type of Cellulite

Free Radicals and Aging
Fighting the toxicological basis for aging - extension of life by maintaining the quality of DNA and body biochemistry

First among the "toxicological theories of aging" is the theory of free radicals. Free radicals are practically atoms, molecules or ions with unpaired valence electrons (single electron in the outer shell).

Often formed by the decay of unstable compounds radicals are characterized by turbulent, albeit selective reactivity and are ready to respond instantly with agents around them, while the relationship is often stable. This makes them particularly risky in the body where many complex compounds require accurate formula and arrangement (e.g. DNA) or complete reversibility of chemical processes (e.g. hemoglobin).

Moreover, the radicals are dangerous and another: very common in newly compound again remains free valence electron and itself becomes a new radical, or pull from low compound suitable group that "solves their problem," but remains unpaired electron group and new radical, ie are able to cause and avalanche, difficult to predict effects.for more details visit here

"Dangerous oxygen"
In the body, namely oxygen radicals are the most dangerous, since oxygen has a natural place in all life processes and "welcome" in many organelles and molecules, and "damaged" his group did not differ from cognition system.

Resurgence of "one-way" reactions leads to permanent disabilities, such theories are different, but the most common idea is that this occurs in the mitochondria of cells where appropriate concentration of substances and affects the structure of DNA.

Then a radicalization DNA cross linking and then, - cross-linking which leads to mutations and modifications, which may lead to illnesses. Outside these function radicals are tested for cancer, with the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol and the formation of blood cells, associated with the damage of nerve cells and Alzheimer's disease, as well as the issue of us in another article chronic fatigue.go to my webpage for more details about cellulite program

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