Monday, 30 December 2013

Antioxidants against Cellulite

The scientific community of Joey Atlas Program is trying to complicate things, linking the theory of low intake of other theories such as the theory of radicals. The reduced calorie intake is thought to affect decreased radicals and logically is because the formation of the radicals is an energy-dependent, and their entry into the body as a starting substance is through food.

Another cross-connection of this theory with another, also quite likely to glycation is - due to the apparent reduction in this diet blood sugar and insulin glycation decreases. There are other explanations, including evolutionary, each with its advantages and here

Something, however, must not be empty (except for what I mentioned above for the reduced activity at all levels) is that this diet should be permanent. Steady diet leads to constant low weight, and there is research proven link to underweight with early mortality.

A part diet is not applicable in all life stages and is dangerous during pregnancy and lactation. The developed intermittent starvation diet (24 hours every other day) is not a universal treatment and overall long-term effects have not been studied, and the short-term remains controversial.

Interestingly in this theory is that it is tested multiple "wings", leading to a body simulation of the effects of caloric restriction. One is the gene PHA-4, the other is the drug rapamycin trove of Easter Island. Hopes for both are serious because they can achieve the effect of caloric restriction, without leading to mandatory deviations side effects and resource by best cellulite removal product 

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